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David A Stumpf, MD, PhD

Health Care Innovation Broker
As a physician executive, I've been in many sectors of the healthcare industry, which enables me to guide clients and mentees through the complexities of the industry and open up opportunities. My expertise includes early stage companies, merger and acquisition, and a variety of health information technology areas (workflows, common ontologies supporting evidence based rules, clinical decision support, coordination of care, assessment of competencies, practice improvement, preferences, and new reimbursement strategies). As an MD, PhD, I am a Professor Emeritus at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine (NUFSM) and President and lead consultant at Woodstock Health Information and Technology. I mentor early stage companies @MATTER. I  served the Illinois State Medical Society as a Member of their House of Delegates and the Council on Economics. In summary, I have held executive and leadership roles in academic, clinical practice, hospital, professional society, and payer venues. ​


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Woodstock, IL
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Professor Emeritus

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Innovation Broker
Healthcare Policy Reform
Collaboration is a key strategy for successful companies. As an innovation broker, I can help you develop synergies benefiting you and your collaborators, creating win-win scenarios for both. I can help you formulate best practices for scaling your business.
Health information and technology is transforming medicine. I've been involved with key strategic planning initiatives at Northwestern University, a Fortune 25 health company, the National Quality Forum and with multiple societies. I can help you formulate best practices for scaling your business.  
Medical Informatics
Board certified in Clinical Informatics, my experience includes multiple standard vocabularies (SNOMED, RxNorm, NCPDP, NDC, LOINC, etc.), transactional documents (claims, HL7, ADT, etc.) and model driven platforms for workflows and algorithms. I can help you formulate best practices for scaling your business.
My forte is raising philanthropic funds. Healthcare is the target of non-profits and many philanthropists. If your work will impart their constituencies, let's discuss opportunities for aligning with their goals.